yellow spot single pot still irish whiskey

Yellow Spot 12yo Single Pot Still Whiskey

Several single pot still whiskies are produced at the new Midleton Distillery, one of which is Yellow Spot. The name is derived from a practice used by Mitchell & Son Wine Merchants, where the brand originated.

They marked their maturing casks of whisky with a spot of paint to determine the age potential of the whiskey. Blue Spot was a 8yo, Green Spot a 10yo and Yellow Spot a 12yo, Red Spot a 15yo. Nowadays, only the Green Spot and Yellow Spot brands remain.

The Yellow Spot is slightly older than Green Spot, and a mixture of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and ex-malaga wine casks were used to mature this whiskey.

Yellow Spot 12yo Single Pot Still Whiskey (46%, OB)

Nose: Apricots and ripe bananas, as well as a touch of cardboard. Some sweet grains and toffee too, followed by mild notes of milk chocolate and vibrant orange zest, with finally a whisper of aniseed.
Taste: Creamy and rich, this has that classic Irish pot still profile, with some cough syrup, menthol, dried red fruits, and bitter oranges. Of course a good amount of spiciness also, mainly nutmeg, pepper and clove. Some almonds too. Big-bodied.
Finish: Lingering spices, slightly herbal.

Score: 86

Big, bold, spicy. Exactly what I’d want from this style of whiskey. However, at its current price, the Green Spot is better value for money, I think.

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