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Turntable x Starward Collaboration Drop 01 (2023)

Turntable Spirits must certainly be one of the more compelling whisky brands launched. Their latest release, the Turntable x Starward Collaboration Drop 01, only strengthens that opinion.

You’ve heard about Starward, no? If you’re a regular reader of this website, then you should’ve. This Australian whisky distillery makes approachable, affordable whisky. Their output is young, and I don’t believe they intend releasing much older whisky, but it works wonderfully. It’s fruity and embraces the Australian wine industry. You won’t soon find an ex-bourbon matured Starward.

Someone else who’s heard about Starward, is Turntable Spirits co-founder Ally Stevenson. “From the moment we started Turntable, we had an idea about working with New World whiskies in the pursuit of flavour. Our friends at Starward Distillery in Melbourne have been producing outstanding Australian single malt whisky for over 15 years, and for this blend we wanted to create something that showcased their style – ex-Australian wine casks – but gave a new dimension.”

Spoiler alert, the Turntable x Starward Collaboration Drop 01 is probably their best release yet. Here’s the recipe breakdown:

  • 39% Starward, ex-Australian red wine cask
  • 10% Caol Ila, first-fill bourbon barrel
  • 29% Inchgower, virgin oak barrel
  • 22% North British, virgin oak barrel

A total of 3,300 bottles of the Turntable x Starward Collaboration Drop 01 were produced. This partnership with Starward is the first of more to come. I can’t wait to see which world whiskies Turntable will highlight next. But first…

turntable x starward collaboration drop 01

Turntable x Starward Collaboration Drop 01 (46%, OB, 2023)

Nose: Hints of tobacco and bonfire smoke accompanied by candied red fruits. Then slivers of damp oak, raspberry, rhubarb and peanut skins, but also a whiff of apple compote, nectarines and sandalwood. Highly elegant.
Taste: There’s a woody smokiness that’s just perfect. Like, just the right amount of Caol Ila. Also hints of peaches, some dried fennel seeds, and fruity, syrupy redcurrants. Just a whisper of oak spices to season an already very good dish.
Finish: Medium length. Just a touch of furniture polish, some chocolate and bonfire smoke.

It's a blend that honours its Starward foundations, highlighted by the fruitiness and accessibility. And even though its a small amount, the addition of Caol Ila is what elevates this Turntable x Starward collaboration to a (much) higher level. A very subtle, classy whisky.

Photo: Whic.de

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