Trying To Be Unbiased (Edradour Tasting Note)

“What?! Just a couple of days ago this guy whined about how terrible his visit to Edradour was and now he’s posting a review of a whisky from that distillery? I’m not sure what to make of this.”

Well, I can’t blame you. I explained in that particular Edradour-post that for me to properly enjoy a whisky, a positive experience like a great distillery visit, really helps. A dissapointing visit has the opposite effect. So what am I trying to prove by reviewing this single cask Edradour from 1999? Because by my own logic, it should get a less than favorable review. I want to show you that I try to be as unbiased as possible when reviewing a whisky.

As you might know, I’ve grown quite fond of Littlemill, so much so, that a Littlemill has to really suck for me to not reach a personal score of at least 85. It just has a profile that really suits me. Take for instance my recent review of the Littlemill 1991/2012 from the Creative Whisky Company. For myself I might go as far as 91 or 92. For the purpose of this blog I scored it an 89.

Because when I review for this site, I try not to be personal about a whisky. That’s of course not completely possible, since there is always a subjective element to reviewing something, let alone whisky. What I can do, is focus on a little less subjective stuff, like the length of the finish. Or if a whisky is complex or rather one-dimensional. Stuff like that.

So without further ado, here are my (as unbiased as possible) tasting notes.

Edradour 1999 C# 229

Edradour 1999/2013 (58,1%, OB, C# 229, 701 bts)

Nose: It starts of with fudge, dried red forest fruits, cherries and berries. There also a great subtle tobacco note. With water some spices appear. This nose is balanced and light like a fresh lemonade.
Taste: A dry whisky with notes of raspberry, bitter wood, pepper and milk chocolate. The alcohol is a bit overpowering, don’t be affraid to add water. It releases a more nutty and spicy flavour. But even watered down this is still a very warming whisky.
Finish: Very hard to pin down, no distinct aftertaste. Medium length.

Rating: 88

This is a very complex and maybe even difficult whisky. But if you give it the time it deserves, it’ll reward you. If it weren’t for the subpar finish, this one might’ve gotten a 90+ score.

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