Tormore 1988 28 years old single malts of scotland

Tormore 1988 28 Years Old (Single Malts of Scotland)

This only the second review ever of a Tormore on Words of Whisky. A peculiar one, as this Tormore 1988 28 Years Old from Single Malts of Scotland is bottled at 63,3 percent abv. A percentage that is ridiculously high for a whisky of this advanced age.

It goes to show that the maturation process of every cask is unique. One thing is for sure though, the angels wanted nothing to do with it. Let’s see if they had good reason to stay far away from this Tormore.

Tormore 1988 28 Years Old (63,3%, Single Malts of Scotland, C#0602)

Nose: Right away this shows a good complexity. A light and gentle fruitiness. Stewed apples, peaches, also green grapes. And there’s room for oranges. Somewhat waxy, but a distinct nuttiness too, with roasted peanuts and almonds. A fair amount of vanilla. Good times.
Taste: While drinkable at full strength, water brings out more subleties. Don’t add just one or two drops either. This sits at 63,3 percent abv, no need to be careful, okay? Gentle spices, with mainly cinnamon and ginger. Quite dusty, with a fair amount of oak. Some butterscotch and walnuts too. Red apples.
Finish: More butterscotch and red apples. Medium in length.

Rating: 87

A dusty, waxy, fruity Tormore. If I were an angel looking for my share, I certainly wouldn’t have skipped this cask. Available for 150 pounds.

Sample provided by Speciality Drinks

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