tomintoul seiridh

Tomintoul Seiridh Batch 1 (2020)

A little while ago, Tomintoul released the first batch of their new sherry-matured single malt, aptly named Seiridh (meaning sherry in Scottish Gaelic). Or actually, I should say sherry-finished single malt, as it spent the majority of its time maturing in bourbon casks.

Tomintoul has never really been on my radar (this is actually the first review of this distillery on Words of Whisky), but I always thought they were operating on the more affordable spectrum of the single malt business. Turns out, that’s not necessarily the case. For example, they offer some long-aged whiskies such as a 21 and 25 year old, and they are much more expensive than similarly aged releases from a top rated distillery like Glenfarclas.

So if they don’t beat out competitors on price, they’ll have to do it on quality. And while I’ve always thought their stuff was perfectly decent, that might be too big of an ask.

Tomintoul Seiridh (40%, OB, Batch 1)

Nose: A faint hint of copper coins followed by some soft baking spices and roasted coffee beans, but also gentle notes of cherry syrup and red berries. A fair amount of vanilla too.
Taste: The mouthfeel is watery, but that’s no surprise at 40 percent. There are some soft oak spices, a slight bitterness and a hint of charred oak, caramel and butterscotch. A tinge of red berries.
Finish: A whiff of fudge. Short to medium.

Score: 76

Not a showstopper. To be honest, bottling a whisky at 40 percent sends a certain signal; and it’s not to indicate a big commitment to the best possible flavour experience. I’m not convinced the Tomintoul Seiridh would’ve been a straight up winner at a higher strength, but it surely would be a step in the right direction.

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