Tomatin 25 Years Old (2006)

I loved visiting Tomatin Distillery last year. One of my best distillery visits ever. It’s a big old factory, but there’s a lot of history there. Today I get to try an older bottling of Tomatin 25 Years Old, thanks to Daan, who recently gave me a sample.

Old Tomatin (especially the 1976 vintage) is renowned for its fruitiness. Now the whisky in this old bottle of 25 year old was actually distilled in december 1978, as mentioned on the tube.

Tomatin 25 Years Old (43%, OB, 2006)

Nose: There’s a hit of tropical fruit immediately, but there’s not much of a follow through. A bit subdued at first. This might need more time. Let’s give it some. Ah yes, there it is. More fruit, all kinds of citrus. Oranges, kumquats, lemon and some grapefruit too. Slightly dusty though, as well as quite a bit of oak.
Taste: A pretty big arrival with plenty of oak, bitterness and spices. But behind it is a layer of fruit. Mainly citrus again, but now with the grapefruit taking centre stage. Also some pineapple and mint.
Finish: Mellow and medium in length with soft orchard fruits. Pear and apple.

Rating: 86

I’m quite taken by this Tomatin, but it’s not a bottle I would buy myself. Maybe if the palate was a little less bitter and a bit more fruity. Good whisky though.

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