tomatin 2007 carribean rum

Tomatin 2007/2016 Carribean Rum

Sjoerd of Malt Fascination did a bottle share of five different Tomatins not too long ago. One of the five is this Tomatin 2007/2016 Carribean Rum, a whisky that has spent the entire nine years of aging in ex-rum casks. It was released earlier this year. You can read Sjoerd’s review here. Below is mine.

Tomatin 2007/2016 Carribean Rum (46%, OB, 6.600 bts.)

Nose: Sweet, fresh and fruity. Sugared breakfast cereals, coconut shavings, pickled lemons, limes and sweet vanilla. In the background a hint of cinnamon.
Taste: Light, oily and a certain sweetness, but with a peppery arrival. Nutmeg too. A more prominent oak influence here, as well as a fair amount of grass and some bitter notes. The citrus fruit is pushed to the background.
Finish: A rather light and grassy finish with hints of cardboard. Slightly bitter.

Rating: 82

Certainly a decent whisky and a priced fairly at just under 50 euro. I would’ve liked a bit more fruit and it was a bit too grassy/bitter at times.

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