Tobermory 1994 2015 SMoS

Tobermory 1994/2015 Single Malts of Scotland

I’m actually more familiar with sibling Ledaig than I am with Tobermory. I’ve tasted the official 10 and 15 in a distant past, and neither really convinced me. Consequence? I’ve never really felt like exploring Tobermory any further. But your taste changes and evolves over time, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t try Tobermory once more.

Tobermory 1994/2015 (55,4%, Single Malts of Scotland, C#660881)

Nose: First a sniff of sand cookies and sweet porridge notes. Some green veggies like broccoli. Also under-ripe banana, maybe some sweetcorn. And plenty of iron too. Very interesting nose. It keeps developing.
Taste: Citrus-y, mainly lemon, also grapefruit. Ginger as well. But also cactus sap and stewed apples, along with spicy notes, cinnamon and white pepper.
Finish: Wood spices, a bit dry at first, but it evolves into a subtle sweet and fruity finish.

Rating: 87

An interesting whisky, although I doubt this’ll be a crowd-pleaser, because it has a certain weirdness to it. Much like I feel Ben Nevis has. I don’t think it’s for everybody. But where I’m not much of a Ben Nevis-fan, I do really like this Tobermory.

Sample provided by Speciality Drinks.

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