The Winter Queen Fusion Whisky Adelphi

The Winter Queen (2018)

We have a strong contender for the award for longest and most BS press release of 2018. Do you want to know why this whisky is called The Winter Queen? Okay, I warned you, but read this.

The interesting stuff? This is a blend containing whisky from Longmorn, Glenrothes and the Dutch Zuidam distillery (where they produce Millstone). It’s 9 years old, and a mixture of a bourbon matured whisky (from Longmorn) and sherry matured whisky (from Glenrothes and Zuidam).

The Winter Queen (52,7%, Adelphi, 866 bts.)

Nose: Interesting notes of rye bread and a damp dunnage warehouse, as well as cocoa powder, cappuccino, apricots and marasquin cherries. The spices work really well with the sweeter layers of this dram.
Taste: The interplay between the spices and the sweeter flavours here work really well, again. This is surprisingly reminiscent of the Zuidam 100 Rye whisky. Not as rye-esque of course, but certainly shows similarities. Lots of spices. Think nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. There’s dark notes of chocolate too, accompanied by cherries and apricot jam.
Finish: All of the above. Long.

Rating: 90

This is a very unique whisky, of which I’m not sure everyone will appreciate it as much as I do. I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. I think this is expertly blended, high-end liquid.

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