The Whistler P.X. I Love You boann distillery

The Whistler P.X. I Love You (2021)

I should’ve probably reviewed The Whistler P.X. I Love You on Valentine’s Day like everyone else did who received a bottle from Dutch importer De Monnik Dranken. But I had already planned something else. Plus, I think Valentine’s Day is stupid. Also, I don’t mind being a bit contrary.

Now, I’m usually not really into the sourced Irish whiskey scene. There are so many upstart distilleries and stand-alone brands that I’m often not sure which belongs to which. If the Irish whisky landscape seems very muddled to me, I can only imagine what it comes across like to a casual whisky drinker. But in case of The Whistler I’m happy to make an exception. That’s because this brand is curated by the people behind Boann Distillery. And they are embarking on a very interesting journey indeed.

You might’ve heard about their Vintage Mashbill project. Actually, I wrote about it a little while back when I reviewed another Irish whiskey. It is one of the single most exciting, bold and unprecedented projects in the global whisky industry, let alone the Irish whiskey world. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to people embarking on such a journey. So no, I don’t really have an issue with reviewing The Whistler P.X. I Love You.

The Whistler P.X. I Love You closeup boann distillery

What exactly is The Whistler P.X. I Love You? Well, it’s an Irish single malt whiskey finished for at least 9 months in Pedro Xim´énez casks. But that’s about all the provenance I can share with you, which also explains my issues with all this sourced Irish whiskey. Anyway, at least Boann Distillery doesn’t hide the fact that it isn’t their own whiskey.

The Whistler P.X. I Love You (46%, OB, 2021)

Nose: Immediately notes of raisins, orange marmelade, marzipan and figs, but also cloves and nutmeg. There’s some almond and hazelnut in here too, but it’s clearly young-ish as well. A touch spirity at times, as well as slivers of green veggies.
Taste: A viscous and sweet arrival highlighted by Maraschino cherries and dried fruit, followed by a drying oak influence. There’s coffee, burnt toast and allspice, as well as walnut skins.
Finish: Dense oak, nutmeg and figs. Medium in length.

The oak is a tad more dominant than I would prefer, but The Whistler P.X. I Love You delivers for those who enjoy a bold, sweet single malt. Just as long as you don't mind some dryness and spices on the palate.

Review bottle provided by De Monnik Dranken

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