glenmoy 10

The Glenmoy 10yo (+/- 1995)

I’d like to give you more of an introduction before we jump into the tasting notes, but I don’t know much about The Glenmoy 10, simply because there isn’t a lot of information. Here’s what I do know.

I tasted it blind as part of the Virtual Blind Tasting of the Dutch Whisky Forum. It’s a blended malt, so only malt whiskies in there. Most of them probably from the Eastern Highlands, because that region is mentioned on the box. And it’s an older bottle, probably from around 1995, if the bottle code is interpreted correctly.

The Glenmoy 10yo (40%, +/- 1995)

Nose: Heathery and floral with light citrus notes in the background. Evolves into more grassy notes and something cardboard-y. Faint ripe apple, apricots maybe. Balanced, but not very rich.
Taste: Slight bitter arrival on the first sip, not a whole lot going on here. Fairly malty, some mashed potato as well. Some citrus. Spices remain in the background, ginger, sandalwood. Drier with water. All-in all, this is not very exciting.
Finish: Fruitier now. The apple returns, but fresher. Drying.

Rating: 81

The nose is (by far) the best part of this whisky, most likely due to two decades of bottle aging. An interesting whisky at least, and if you look really good, still available for around 20 euros in some places. It’s hard to beat for that price.

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