Arran White Stag

The First Ever Arran White Stag Bottling

White Stag is the online community Arran has created for their fans. Arran first mentioned bottling an exclusive single cask for their White Stag-members almost a year ago. A tasting panel comprised of members was responsible for picking the cask. Anyway, it will be released in June, and will be sold exclusively via the Arran website. As I was selected to take part in an Arran Tweet Tasting, I had the opportunity to already taste it.

Arran 1997/2015 (54,2%, OB White Stag Release, 214 bts.)

Nose: This is from an ex-oloroso cask, but you wouldn’t guess it. Creamy caramel and vanilla, very smooth. Baked banana with a slight oakiness (wood shavings) as well. There’s some waxiness as well, with lemons and oranges, as well as mango in the background. After some time in the glass it becomes more floral and a bit dusty. But all in all a fantastic nose!
Taste: Very sweet, with some mocha and brown sugar. Then a hint of gingery bitterness, some lemon and coconut next to it. Some black pepper and licorice, with blackberry jam as well. Chewy mouthfeel.
Finish: Sweet and smooth with some pepper. Lingers for a long time.

Rating: 90

A stunner of a dram. I absolutely love this and can’t wait for it to be released. Here’s hoping I can get my hands on a bottle.

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