The Epicurean Glasgow Edition

The Epicurean Glasgow Edition (2018)

So uhm, I don’t know if you noticed, but that’s my pretty face up there on that bottle. Check the photo above. Yep, it’s a one off. Immediately one of the most rare and (obviously) desirable bottles IN THE WORLD! 😉

Why do I have a custom bottle of The Epicurean Glasgow Edition. Well, that’s because of the Douglas Laing Fellows Programme, of which I’m a part of. Since the company celebrates it’s 70th birthday this year, they gave me and the other fellows a personalised bottle. Now that’s pretty cool, no?

However, while you won’t be able to get exactly the same labeled bottle as I have at home, there’s 2.999 other bottles of this that were released with a regular label. The Epicurean Glasgow Edition is the result of a collaboration between Douglas Laing and some of Glasgow’s finest bartenders and spirit experts. A one-off event was held at the firm’s headquarters in February, during which the invitees experimented with Lowland single malts, each blending their own distinctive creation to be judged by Fred Laing.

The result is this: a cask strength version of The Epicurean, a Lowland blended malt that has long been part of the Remarkable Regional Malts line-up.

The Epicurean Glasgow Edition (58,6%, Douglas Laing, 2018)

Nose: Sweet and warming notes of vanilla, as well as freshly cut Granny Smith and pickled lemon. A whiff of rye bread, cotton candy and straw too.
Taste: Rather a good amount of vanilla and oak shavings, as well as powdered sugar. There’s a good hit of zesty lemon and white pepper too, followed by a sliver of mint and roasted peanut skins.
Finish: Peppery, vanilla, lemon.

Score: 83

Not very complex, but powerful and flavourful stuff nonetheless. Typical Lowland profile, if you ask me. Not that dissimilar from the regular Epicurean, except this one has been infused with some steriods.

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