English Whisky Classic TWE

The English Whisky Classic (TWE Exclusive)

St George’s Distillery is home to The English Whisky Company. They’ve been distilling spirit since December 2006, and have released quite a few expressions already. I’ve never tasted something of them, and haven’t been particularly curious, to be honest. I probably wouldn’t have bought or traded for a sample, but now that the people over at The Whisky Exchange have send me a sample, I’m quite interested to see what they are doing over there in Norfolk. Here we go!

The English Whisky Classic (53,4%, OB bottled for The Whisky Exchange)

Nose: Lots of vanilla at the start, but with a dusty mist covering it. Behind that I find Elstar apples, ripe banana and peaches. The keywords here are fruity and soft. Especially the latter I find remarkable, considering this is probably a fairly young whisky.
Taste: Very crisp with a hint of chili pepper, which remains in the background throughout tasting it. Some ginger too. But also vanilla, apple and pear, combined with a (thin) layer of oak.
Finish: Vanilla, pepper and grapes. Medium in length.

Rating: 84

A very straightforward malt whisky. And a good one, that’s for sure. Maybe a bit boring though, since there’s not much here that surprises. Although I’d really like to know how old it is. Because if this turns out to be only three or four years old, than they’re really onto something over there.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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