english whisky 2007 blackadder sauternes

The English Whisky 2007/2015 Blackadder ‘Raw Cask’

There are plenty of original bottlings from The English Whisky, but so far Robin Tucek is the only one to bring us independent bottlings of English whisky, all under his Blackadder-label. This one has matured in a Sauternes wine cask. It’ll be interesting to see how that works with the rather fruity spirit of The English Whisky.

The English Whisky 2007/2015 (63,5%, Blackadder ‘Raw Cask’, C#804)

Nose: The Sauternes cask has certainly left its mark. Rich, although not very complex, with apricots and peaches. Traces of honey and vanilla. A bit of malted barley in the background.
Taste: Lemons and peaches at first, but then the alcohol hits. Lots of chili peppers. Adding water is not a luxury and makes for a creamier mouthfeel. The fruit returns (oranges) but there’s also a bitterness that’s less pleasant. Some light spices now, mainly cinnamon.
Finish: Long and dry with soft spices and some light fruitiness.

Rating: 83

An interesting whisky with an edge, if only for the high strength. It needs water, but then it gets quite intriguing, although it never becomes a stand out whisky.


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