teeling 21yo vintage batch 4

Teeling 21yo Vintage Reserve (Batch 4)

There are already five batches of the Teeling 21yo Vintage Reserve. Alle of them have been very well received. There are not many old Irish whiskies available, especially at this price point. For a single cask of Irish whiskey you’ll probably pay a lot more.

This whisky was probably distilled at Bushmills and has matured in ex-bourbon casks, before it received a finish in Sauternes wine casks. For someone like me, a person who mostly drinks Scottish single malts, it is something else allright. But in a good way.

Teeling 21yo Vintage Reserve (46%, OB, Batch #4)

Nose: An interesting fruitiness. Lychee, melon, pink grapefruit and apricot. It has a slightly dusty feel to it. There’s also a fairly distinct grassy note, as well as some honey.
Taste: Thick and oily with more of that pink grapefruit and lychee, as well as peach. Very big on the fruit, although there’s still plenty of room for cumin, pepper and cinnamon. Rich and bold palate.
Finish: Pretty long with a sweet fruitiness.

Rating: 90

It’s bold, balanced and rich. And different! This is not a flavour profile you’ll soon find in a Scottish single malt.

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