teeling 19 years dutch whisky connection

Teeling 19 Years White Wine (Dutch Whisky Connection)

Ah, Teeling, it feels like it has been a little while, even though I reviewed a couple of other ones in the last twelve months. This particular Teeling 19 Years White Wine Cask was selected by Michiel Wigman from Dutch Whisky Connection, whose palate has proven very agreeable over time.

Not much more the share, other than that it’s most likely distilled at Cooley and was bottled at cask strength. Oh, and the back label of course. Not pictured here, but it features Jon Beach, owner of Fiddler’s Highland Restaurant & Whisky Bar in Drumnadrochit on the shores of Loch Ness.

teeling 19 years white wine dutch whisky connection

Teeling 19 Years White Wine (56%, OB for ‘Dutch Whisky Connection’, C#17208)

Nose: Very fresh and crisp with notes of green apples, apricots, freshly cut grass, and marzipan. There’s a touch of honey, chalk, and sultanas too. Finally some bright floral notes with a buttery touch.
Taste: Quite sweet, while the palate is velvety almost. There are some gentle spices, just a pinch of white pepper, but the fruitiness has the upper hand. Tinned pineapples, cotton candy grapes, and dark caramel too. Just a tinge of mint to balance things out, as well as some golden syrup.
Finish: Medium to long. Gentle leafy bitterness, a sweetness that builds.

I'd really like to know what type of wine cask this was finished in. Probably would've guessed a dessert wine, but Michiel assures me it isn't. He doesn't actually know himself. The sweetness is quite pronounced regardless, which works really well for me.

Sample provided by Dutch Whisky Connection

Photo: Best of Whiskies

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