teeling 19 years old rum cask bresser timmer

Teeling 19 Years Old Rum Cask (2018)

In the past few weeks I already reviewed two other whiskies that were bottled for the 25th Anniversary of Dutch importer Bresser & Timmer. One was an excellent Bruichladdich, the other an almost equally satisfying Auchentoshan. Next up is a 19yo Teeling, matured in a rum cask.

Teeling 19 Years Old Rum Cask (52.3%, OB, C# 100055)

Nose: Sweet with honey-glazed almonds and walnuts, but also a decent amount of orchard fruits, as well as ripe bananas. Whispers of burlap and cardboard (reminiscent of Littlemill), followed by some subtle wood shavings. It has a certain tartness that gives it an extra layer of complexity.
Taste: Big on the grapefruit here, as well as a whiff of stone fruits like nectarines and peaches. Followed by subtle notes of milk chocolate. Or is it white chocolate? A good amount of white pepper too, as well as plenty of oak. Did I mention Littlemill already?
Finish: Lingering fruitiness, subtle spices.

Score: 89

Yep, this is very good indeed, and surprisingly similar to some Littlemill that I’ve tried. Can’t say I find much of a rum influence here, but hey, who cares? Quality stuff!

Photo: Bresser & Timmer

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