Highland Park Ambassadors Choice (featured)

Tasting Orkney III: Highland Park Ambassador’s Choice

After a short stop at Adelphi, it’s time to continue exploring whiskies from Highland Park. Today I review the Highland Park Ambassador’s Choice, a whisky carefully selected by brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen for the Swedish market, but one that is now also readily available in The Netherlands. The abv in this one is a bit higher than the 10yo and 12 yo old, so that bodes well.

Highland Park Ambassadors Choice

Highland Park Ambassador’s Choice 10yo (46%, OB)

Nose: A farmy, and also oily and waxy quality. Reminds me of some Clynelish. Barely any peat. Hay, grass, oranges and also a bit malty. Very fresh and appealing. I like it a lot, but after ten to fifteen minutes it does become musty.
Taste: Peatier than the nose, but still very subtle. It is grainy, there is some tree bark, something earthy as well. Herbs (mint) and citrus surface after a couple of sips.
Finish: Spicy and peaty, but very short. The least enjoyable aspect of this Highland Park.

Rating: 83

A more than decent pick by Martin Markvardsen. The nose is excellent, especially before it gets musty. The taste is nicely balanced, but the finish is where this whisky falls short. It would’ve scored a couple of point higher with a longer, more complex finish. Still widely available from Dutch webshops, but at 50 euro more expensive than the 12yo. You’ll have to decide for yourself it it’s worth the extra money.

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