Bowmore Devils Casks 2 (featured)

A Taste Of Lucifer: Bowmore Devil’s Casks II

There’s not much left to say about the Bowmore Devil’s Casks II, so I won’t. It’s a small batch release which sold out super quick. I was very lucky to be able to locate a bottle (and buy it). These are my tasting notes.

Bowmore Devils Casks 2

Bowmore Devil’s Casks II 10yo (56,3%, OB)

Nose: This is more of a smokey dram, which I prefer over the heavy peated whiskies. Charred oak, ashes, coal smoke. The first-fill sherry casks have had (as is to be expected) a great deal of influence. Dark and intense dried, red fruit. Some cocoa, oranges and blackberry. The most impressive is the balance between the smoke and the sherry. Good stuff!
Taste: A wonderful, very oily mouthfeel. Aniseed, mint and peat are the first flavors that appear, accompanied by a lot of smoke. It’s a very rich palate with milk chocolate, chili-peppers and red berries.
Finish: Dried oranges, ash, coal. Very, very long and dry. The smoke fades away after a while and that is when the sweeter notes appear. Candy and raspberry.

Rating: 88

Simply put, this is a very good whisky. One that, if you were lucky enough to get one for retail price, is good value for money. If you have one, cherish it. And don’t be afraid to open it, it’s quality stuff. I have a feeling that it won’t take me long to empty my bottle.

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