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Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II (2023)

Tamdhu is one of the few, or might even be the only distillery to exclusively use sherry cask maturation. All the single malts they release are made up of 100% sherry casks. The Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II is no exception.

Now, that’s not to say there isn’t ex-bourbon cask matured Tamdhu in the many warehouses of Ian Macleod. Of course there are. Tamdhu is a big distillery. It can produce up to 4 million litres every year. Not all of its spirit is filled into expensive sherry casks. But all the whisky earmarked to be released as single malt? Yes, that goes straight into a sherry cask, whether it be an American oak hogshead or European oak sherry butt.

The Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II matured in American oak sherry casks. These casks started their journey in North American oak forests, were then imported into Spain, and finally crafted into casks over the course of six years. The Quercus Alba Distinction II is presumably the youngest in the distillery’s core range, but it’s bottled at a higher strength than the Tamdhu 12 Years, for example.

tamdhu quercus alba distinction ii 2 closeup

Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II (48%, OB, 2023)

Nose: Warming and vanilla-forward with touches of apple compôte, cherry syrup and copper coins, as well as a sliver of molasses, a fair amount of oak spices and zesty oranges.
Taste: Quite viscous. Some notes of sultanas, golden syrup and orange peels, along with crème caramel, meringues and sponge cake. There’s a gentle spiciness as well. Cloves come to mind. Then a touch of fennel too.
Finish: Medium length. A good amount of honey, lingering spices and a tad dry.

Better than I remember the first edition being, the Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction II is the picture of a modern sherried whisky. Nicely put together and very quaffable.

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