tamdhu 2005 2013 van wees C#350

Tamdhu 2005/2013 Van Wees

Every once in a while Dutch independent bottler Van Wees releases a flurry of cask strength whiskies from one particular distillery. They did so with some Longmorn’s from 1996 and recently with Ledaig from 2004. Both to great critical acclaim. Van Wees also gave us several bottlings of Tamdhu, most from 2004 and 2005. All of them were well received, and at a price of around 40 euro at their introduction, they were also quite the steal.

Tamdhu 2005/2013 (60,9%, Van Wees, C#350)

Nose: Surprisingly gentle for such a high abv. Milk chocolate, toffee and fudge. Butter-y. Loads of vanilla. Cookie dough too.
Taste: The alcohol is more noticeable here, but still not overwhelming. Very sweet arrival with a pinch of pepper. Creamy vanilla with lots of caramel and golden syrup. Some black berries, cherries and a hint of nutmeg. It swims very well.
Finish: More vanilla and caramel with some mild spices. Long.

Rating: 86

A good example of why age doesn’t always matter. Very tasty.


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