talisker 25 years old 2006

Talisker 25 Years Old (2006)

Modern versions of the Talisker 25 Years Old are bottled at 45,8 percent, which is the signature Talisker strength. Up until 2011 (or 2012, I should check that), this quarter century Talisker was released at cask strength. Seeing as I’ll be tasting a version from twelve years ago, this is thankfully a cask strength edition.

Talisker 25 Years Old (56,9%, OB, 2006)

Nose: I love how this is both fruity (passion fruit, lemon and hints of green apple peel) and peaty, yet in a very mature way, not how a young Lagavulin can be described as fruity and peaty for example. Extremely coastal too, with loads of salty seaweed, and a touch of iodine. Finally, let’s not forget to mention it is actually quite waxy, as well as showcasing some subtle sal ammoniac.
Taste: Yep, waxy (although not very), and very peppery, even for a Talisker. Hints of licorice and citrus, as well as more than a pinch of salt. More expressive (and aggressive even) than the nose suggests, with a more dominant peat influence. There very subtle notes of marzipan here, as well as some cappuccino and menthol.
Finish: Lingering pepper-y notes, with peat as well. Long.

Score: 90

Any whisky that combines maturity with a vibrant youthfulness, is okay in my book. A tad less aggressiveness on the palate, and I would’ve rated this even higher. Superb.

Photo: Master of Malt

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