talisker 1985 27 years old maritime edition

Talisker 1985 27 Years Old (2013)

People are harsh on Talisker. But there’s a good reason for it. The spirit produced at this Skye distillery has so much potential, that every failed attempt at yet another flavour-driven (ugh) no age statement release feels like an affront.

Just look at how the most recent Talisker 8 Years Old is received. Folks are almost unanimously raving about this release, which is probably the most pure and naked Talisker that Diageo has released in a while. It was a stark reminder for many of just how good Talisker is, and should be. Also, the Talisker 10, the only affordable age statement whisky in their core range, is pretty damn good as well. I don’t mean to fan the NAS debate here, but uhm….

Anyhoo, I’m reviewing an older release today: the Talisker 1985 27 Years Old, dubbed the Maritime Edition, which was part of the Special Releases in 2013. Matured in refill American oak, this is something special.

Talisker 1985 27 Years Old (56.1%, OB, 3000 bts.)

Nose: Oh my god, yes! Whiffs of paraffine, furniture polish and wet ropes, all the while backed up by peaches and nectarines, even mangos. Proper briny notes too, with a whiff of charcoal and peat.
Taste: Proper oily stuff, with loads of brine and tar, and a whiff of plastic, supported by big notes of salt, as well as subtle peat. An enjoyable sweetness to balance things, with hints of oranges and caramel glazed red apples.
Finish: Peaty, briny. Whiff of milk chocolate. Very long.

Score: 92

What’s not to love? About as good as you can hope for. Balanced, rich, complex and most of all, just damn tasty.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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