staoisha 2014 invergordon 1986 whiskydudes

Staoisha 2014 / Invergordon 1986 (Whiskydudes)

And just like that we’ve reached the fifth outturn of the Whiskydudes, a small independent bottler from The Netherlands. Previous releases have generally been of a very satisfactory quality, and there’s no reason it should be different this time around.

This is the fourth iteration of the Staoisha, and each of has been really good so far. Peat, sherry and some rough, sulphuric edges that actually give this malt a boost. And something must’ve went really wrong if a 36-year-old Invergordon turns out bad, so I’m confident.

invergordon 1986 36 years whiskydudes 23655

Invergordon 1986 36 Years (48.1%, Whiskydudes, C#23655)

  • Finished in a fresh Oloroso octave after initial maturation in a first-fill sherry butt

Nose: Just a touch of the obligatory wood varnish, but also notes of fresh leather, resin, orange marmalade and Demerara sugar. Tinges of rose petals too, accompanied by meringue, jammy apricots and candied fruits. Mature yet lively and vibrant.
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel with a touch of furniture polish, triple sec and lemon tart. Certainly also hints of Scottish tablet, mocha and cappuccino, as well as pralines, nougat and vanilla custard. Finally a whiff of coconut shavings.
Finish: Complimentary and more of the above. Very long.

Can’t help but feel the first-fill Oloroso octave really worked well here. It adds a dimension otherwise often lacking from (old) grain whisky, which tends to be quite narrow. This however is excellent.

staoisha 2014 8 years whiskydudes 10166a

Staoisha 2014 8 Years (59.2%, Whiskydudes, C#10166A)

  • Finished in a an Oloroso quarter cask after initial maturation in a refill butt

Nose: It’s certainly not lacking for gunpowder, but sulphur has been a constant in all of the Whiskdudes’ Staoisha over the years. And none of them have suffered for it. Warming winter spices such as cinnamon, accompanied by dark chocolate, tar and charred beef. There’s also room for lighter, fruitier notes such as blackcurrant, oranges and pickled lemon. Good stuff.
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel with a sulphured arrival that morphs into notes of rye bread, black berries, charcoal and intense wood smoke. Also a pinch of salt, some fennel and a gingery spiciness. A soft medicinal touch touch too.
Finish: Long with charred oak, cloves, black pepper and cured meats.

Peat, sherry and some dirty edges. Differences with earlier iterations of this Staoisha are subtle, so if you liked those you can’t really go wrong with this latest release.

Final Thoughts

Two high-flyers that will be available from selected retailers starting March 1st. Founder Edwin has proved very capable when it comes to re-racking casks in the past, and he’s confirmed that skill once again with his new Invergordon and Staoisha. Both seem to have benefited from the secondary maturation.

Samples provided by Whiskydudes

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