springbank 1997 22yo hmmj

Springbank 1997 22 Years (Private HMMJ Collection)

I don’t get showered with samples, but I’ve got nothing to complain either. Sometimes I know a sample is on its way, other times it is a surprise. And there are no better surprise than a few centiliters of well-aged Springbank.

This Springbank 1997 22 Years is from a refill sherry hogshead bought by four Dutch friends: Hilde, Martijn, Marcel and Jeroen. I’m not sure if I know them. Some of the names ring a bell, but not in that exact combination. Either way, their cask is a winner. I suppose they concluded that the entire cask was way too much to consume between the four of them, which is why it was sold to (and through) Best of Whisky.

Springbank 1997 22 Years (55.4%, OB, C#582)

Nose: Good god, yes! Delicious mature Springbank with a fantastic subtle sweetness and soft fruitiness, mainly of the citrus variety but also some stone fruits. There’s a touch of tobacco, polymer, menthol and burlap too. A few wet pebbles as well.
Taste: A bit more sturdy and robust than the nose. Nice salinity. Earthy peat, campfire smoke and gentle spices, as well as a hint of cappuccino. But there’s a friendly sweetness here as well, with a tinge of fudge, but also bright yellow fruits. Seriously great stuff.
Finish: More of the above. Long.

Score: 92

An absolute diamond of a whisky from Springbank. I hope (assume) the private cask owners kept enough bottles for themselves. It sold out quickly, but now I certainly understand why.

Sample provided by bestofwhisky.com

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