Springbank 1997 20 years old whiskybroker

Springbank 1997 20 Years Old (Whiskybroker)

Two decades old, sherried and from one of Scotland’s best distilleries. This Springbank 1997 20 Years Old from Whiskybroker was released a few weeks ago, and is already a highly sought-after bottle.

It was the morning of September 6th, when on the Facebook page of Whiskybroker a picture was posted. It was a shot of the bottling line, with dozens of bottles filled with an intense, dark spirit. ‘Guess the whisky…’, read the caption. Someone mentioned Springbank, but most didn’t dare hope for a heavily sherried whisky from such a five star distillery.

Turned out, that one person was right. Later that afternoon the Springbank popped up in Whiskybroker’s webshop. Priced at 135 pounds, which nowadays is dirt cheap for an independent bottling of Springbank, it sold out immediately. I managed to get my hands on a sample…

Springbank 1997 20 Years Old (48,9%, Whiskybroker, C#108)

Nose: It has menthol, aniseed and furniture polish, but it also has this dunnage quality. Clay, damp wood, yeast. There’s a whiff of sulphur, but also plenty of good sherry influences. Some kirsch gateau, orange peel, brown sugar. Wonderfully complex.
Taste: Thank god, the palate can keep up. Subtle peat smoke, overshadowed by sweeter sherry notes. Molasses, cherry syrup, but also tobacco leaves and dark chocolate. Soft spices too. Balanced and complex.
Finish: More of the same, medium to long.

Rating: 92

Yep, it is that good. Consider yourself lucky if you have an open bottle of this at home.

Photo: Damir Krizmanic

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