Springbank 1996 21 years old whiskynerds 471

Springbank 1996 21 Years Old (WhiskyNerds)

Remember this incredible trio? The guys responsible for those Inchmurrins, now present their latest bottling, and it is a doozy. WhiskyNerds Bram and Floris have managed to get their hands on a cask of Springbank 1996 21 Years Old.

Priced at about 300 euros, this is by far their most expensive bottling to date. Nevertheless, most of the 180 bottles have already sold out, which is a testament to their high standard. This Springbank matured in a hogshead. Officially no one knows wether that’s an ex-sherry or ex-bourbon hogshead, but whoever tastes this will know: this is sherry matured.

Springbank 1996 21 Years Old (58,1%, WhiskyNerds, C#471)

Nose: Lovely stuff! Very much in the same ballpark as all those 21-year-olds I tasted late last year. The sherry influence is subtle and very well-integrated. Plum juice, raspberries and sweet oranges. It has a lovely minerality to it, as well as a slight sootiness, a whisper of polished leather and soft notes of cigar tobacco. Finally some brown sugar, icing and after a little while even a hint of soy. Top notch…
Taste: Oh yes! Is this really almost 60 percent? Lovely, juicy fruits. Apricot jam, strawberries, and oranges. Somewhat waxy, a touch of brine and gentle notes of peat. Also some furniture polish, as well as menthol and a touch of licorice. Very classy.
Finish: Basically all of the above, with the fruits lingering. Medium in length.

Rating: 93

Geez, this is better than I could’ve hoped for. Whatever these guys bottle, I think it is now safe to say I can buy it blind. Even if it is Loch Dhu.

Sample provided by the WhiskyNerds

Photo: Whiskybase

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