springbank 1992 21 years old

Springbank 1992 21 Years Old (2014)

Springbank is getting expensive! I mean, especially the more mature releases, and in particular the independent bottlings. Finding a 20+ year old Springbank for less than 250 quid is rare. Getting your hand on one for 150 quid? That is damn near impossible. Bless the good folk over at Whiskybroker.co.uk though.

For whatever reason they got their hands on a significant number of bottles from this 21-year-old private cask release from 2014, previously sold at Loch Fyne Whiskies for 220 pounds. A few years after it sold out at Loch Fyne, Whiskybroker decided to put it on the market for 150 pounds.

I don’t know how they do it, but whether it’s their own bottlings or a Springbank like this one, they are always very fairly priced. It is refreshing in today’s whisky market.

Springbank 1992 21 Years Old (51.6%, OB, C#326)

Nose: Citrus notes grab your attention first—charred lemons and zesty orange peel—while a sweet layer of malted barley and beeswax comes right behind. Notes of tobacco as well, with some subtle minerals and ozone. Very soft whispers of peat.
Taste: Great oily quality, with sweet honey, fudge and caramel notes, balanced by soft bitter lemon peel. All the while there’s this soft layer of peat smoke, accompanied by notes of ginger and nutmeg.
Finish: Lingering peat smoke, with soft zesty notes.

Score: 90

Mature and balanced, with that Springbank touch. I just can’t not love this. Happy New Year everybody!

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