springbank 13 years old green

Springbank 13 Years Old Green (2015)

I know, I’m pretty late to the party. But who cares? Sometimes I don’t really get around to things, but now it’s finally time to write some tasting notes on the Springbank 13 Years Old Green. This edition is from 2015, while a 12-year-old was released a year earlier.

The monniker Green indicates the use of organic barley. It is a 100 percent sherry matured whisky, but as you can see by the colour of this whisky, a good chunk was probably refill casks.

Springbank 13 Years Old Green (46%, OB, 2015)

Nose: Fresh and fruity (apple peel) with notes of tobacco leaves in the background, as well as a certain earthiness. A hint of rubber, as well as notes of ozone. The sherry maturation reveals itself as well, with a dark sweetness, as well as apricots and honey.
Taste: Subtle peat influence, with an even subtler brininess. The palate is quite oily, displaying a sweetness (brown sugar, sultanas), spiciness (black pepper) and bitterness (dark chocolate). Somewaht earthy as well.
Finish: A slight plastic note, but some warm cinnamon as well. Lingering peat.

Rating: 88

My only criticism here, is that it probably would’ve fared even better at a slightly higher strength. Otherwise this is a great dram. Accessible, delicious Springbank.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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