Springbank 12 Years Old CS Batch #9

The Cask Strength-series from Springbank is one of the all-time great series in whisky history. Considering the quality and the price, I think these whiskies are very deserving of that statement. Today I’ll review the ninth installment of the Springbank 12 Years Old CS-series.

Every batch consists of a different combination of cask types, and the sherry influence is high in Batch #9, with fresh (60 percent) and refill (40 percent) sherry hogsheads being blended together.

Springbank 12 Years Old CS Batch #9 (54,3%, OB)

Nose: Sweet dried fruits, burlap and touches of lemon. Somewhat briny and plenty of minerality. After about ten minutes it becomes darker and earthier. Very farmy too. Just really great!
Taste: The peat now a bit more noticeable. Lovely oily mouthfeel, with a sugary sweetness, but also charred lemon peel, cigar ash and peaches. Oh, don’t forget cloves and cracked black pepper. Don’t forget the bitter oranges.
Finish: Soft peat and lingering spices, with a hint of oranges.

Rating: 90

Just great, great whisky. As always, the CS-series from Springbank offers great quality for a great price.

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