spirit of freedom 30yo

Spirit of Freedom 30yo

Last year Springbank Distillers released a special 30yo blend called Spirit of Freedom. It was bottled to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn where Robert the Bruce led Scotland to victory in one of the most famous events in the wars of independence. Spirit of Freedom consists of 75 percent malt whiskies from across Scotland and 25 percent grain whisky.

Spirit of Freedom 30yo (46%, Springbank Distillers Ltd.)

Nose: Starts grainy with fresh pinewood, wax and cookie dough. It has a slight, enjoyable dusty quality. Then old cheese with cumin. Also nougat and coconut. And that’s when the fruit starts coming. Banana, lemon, apricot. Nice 🙂 Lovely balance.
Taste: Lots of citrus and plenty of wood. Oranges, grapefruit. Creamy with some pear and honey.
Finish: Pretty long. Malty and fruity.

Rating: 88

This reminds me a lot of a good Clynelish, one that is very well balanced at that. The Spirit of Freedom is still available for anywhere between 100 to 150 euro. Just look at the shoplinks on the WB-page.

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