speyside region 1975 41 years old whisky-fassle

Speyside Region 1975 41 Years Old (Whisky-Fässle)

We’ve seen many of these undisclosed old Speysiders, especially from German independent bottlers. Why is that? One of ’em is this Speyside Region 1975 41 Years Old from Whisky-Fässle. Not much more to say, other than that it matured in a Fino sherry butt. Let’s get on with it.

Speyside Region 1975 41 Years Old (47,4%, Whisky-Fässle)

Nose: Honey, beeswax and furniture polish! Plenty of subtle fruits with mango, nectarine, peach, but also ripe apples and pears.
Taste: Delicious explosion of fruit with grapefruit, passion fruit, kumquats, limes and lemons. A whiff of oak, and again ripe apples and pears. Don’t forget about the honey and the candle wax. A subtle acidity, cloves and a pinch of white pepper too.
Finish: Pears, coconut shavings, smoked salmon. Medium in length.

Rating: 91

Classic, great, old-style whisky from the 70s. What’s not to like? Well, the fact that it’s out of my price range. But still, great whisky!

Sample provided by Whisky-Fässle

Photo: Whiskybase

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