Glendronach CS #2 (featured)

The Sherry Project Part II: Glendronach CS #2

The Aberlour a’bunadh turned out the be a more than decent start for The Sherry Project. But I’m looking for the ultimate sherried, cask strength whisky. One that has to be affordable as well. And I have a feeling that the a’bunadh isn’t it. So on to the next candidate: the Glendronach CS. While Macallan has always been the golden standard of sherried whiskies, they have been overtaken by Glendronach in recent years. How does batch #2 fare in this sherry competition?

sherry project - glendronach cs batch 2

Glendronach CS batch #2 (55,2%, OB)

Nose: Lots of oak, vanilla and coconut, but also very spicy with nutmeg and cinnamon at the forefront. A cherry flavored candy cane is a pleasant addition to the aforementioned aromas, as is the hint of raspberry. Lots of layers here because after a while green apple surfaces. And with water a lovely coffee note reveals itself.
Taste: Again coconut, but also citrus and lemon. The mint gives the palate a nice freshness. I also find more traditional sherry notes, such as orange peel, dark chocolate and toffee.
Finish: Milk chocolate, spices, freshly baked cookies and chocolate coffee beans. Very long.

Rating: 87

Definitely a step up from the a’bunadh. A very good and balanced whisky, with an especially good nose. Glendronach certainly lives up to it’s reputation of releasing consistently good sherried whiskies. There’s a reason this brand is extremely popular, and their cask strength-series is a great of example of what that reason is.

Standings after Part II:
1. Glendronach CS batch #2 (87 points)
2. Aberlour a’bunadh batch #46 (85 points)

Tomorrow the Glenfarclas 105 will challenge the Glendronach CS for the pole position in The Sherry Project.

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