Scallywag chocolate edition 2024

Scallywag Chocolate Edition (2024)

I always thought the Scallywag Chocolate Edition was released in anticipation of World Chocolate Day (July 7). Not this year though. I suppose Cara Laing, a self-confessed sweet tooth, couldn’t keep her excitement bottled (no pun intended). And so we welcome the Scallywag Chocolate Edition 2024 earlier than I expected.

If I’m counting correctly, this is the seventh release of the Scallywag Chocolate Edition. I’ve reviewed a few, but all earlier editions were sherry cask matured. This latest release comes with a twist. Initially matured in sherry casks, the whisky then received a “lengthy finishing period in Port casks.” That’s an unusual combination I don’t remember having come across before. (I’m pretty sure I have, but I just can’t remember.)

There’s also a competition aligned with the Scallywag Chocolate Edition 2024. Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there’s a Golden Ticket competition where consumers have the opportunity to win prizes if they come across a Golden Ticket or a Scallywag Golden Bone (the star prize), concealed within the packaging. The competition is running throughout the UK, Germany and Netherlands.

scallywag the chocolate edition 2024 review

Scallywag Chocolate Edition (48%, Douglas Laing, 2024)

Nose: There’s a clear, sort of fizzy wine influence and a youthful vibrancy. Notes of blackcurrants and raspberries alongside a sliver of cinnamon. Then a touch of cherry-flavoured lemonade and sticky caramel alongside some tartness. Think stewed rhubarb, although there is something musty here too.
Taste: Semi-sticky mouthfeel. (Not an official term I don’t think.) Spices, nuts and fruits. Want a little more detail? Okay. A pinch of pepper alongside damp wood, some nutmeg and cloves, but also slivers of walnuts. Then a fruitiness more along the lines of candied strawberries. Also slightly bitter and just a tinge of sulphur.
Finish: Medium with a touch of ginger, cinnamon, some leather and candy canes.

Having tried two earlier versions, this is my least favourite of the bunch so far. Probably no coincidence this is the first Scallywag Chocolate Edition finished in Port casks – not my preferred maturation vessel. Besides, this edition isn't exactly the most mature whisky I've tasted. Sure, it's not a premium whisky, but it's not exactly entry-level priced either.

Sample provided by De Monnik Dranken

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