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Scallywag Chocolate Edition 100% Sherry (Douglas Laing)

If you’re a chocoholic then today is your lucky day. After all, it is World Chocolate Day. If you’re also into whisky, than you’re doubly blessed. Why is that, you might ask? Well, because Douglas Laing has released the Scallywag Chocolate Edition 100% Sherry Matured.

Of course there is no chocolate in whisky, which you probably already knew and if not, you’re welcome. Instead, whisky that has matured in sherry casks often evokes associations with chocolate like flavours and aromas. If you’re a loyal reader of my blog or other whisky blogs (might I recommend WhiskyNotes or Whiskylifestyle?), you’ve probably come across many chocolate-y flavour descriptors, such as milk or dark chocolate, but also cocoa powder, praline or brownies. Hell, you might’ve very well smelled or tasted such things in whisky yourself.

This is not the first time Douglas Laing put out a special World Chocolate Day whisky. They’ve actually been doing so since 2018. It’s a clever tie-in and previous releases have received both commercial and critical acclaim. However, I’ve never tried one of the earlier releases. Scallywag? Yes, plenty. But not the limited Chocolate Edition. Now, over three years since the inaugural edition hit the market, that time has finally come.

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Scallywag Chocolate Edition 100% Sherry (48%, Douglas Laing, 2021)

Nose: Chocolate truffles and dried red fruits with whiff of raspberry and strawberry marmalade, as well as cherry candy cane. Brown sugar as well.
Taste: Rum raisins and maple syrup, as well as treacle. Touches of apricots and prunes as well. It’s very sweet and has a nice viscosity, without the overtly sticky mouthfeel. Just a touch of black pepper.
Finish: Lingering notes of caramel and some soft spices. A sprinkle of cinnamon.

For those with a sweet tooth (like Douglas Laing's marketing director Cara Laing apparently has), the 100% Sherry version of the Scallywag Chocolate Edition is a crowd pleaser and I'm sure it'll be off the shelves soon. There are 3,000 bottles available worldwide, so keep an eye on the digital shelves of your whisky specialist.

Sample provided by Douglas Laing

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