rosebank 32 years legacy release three review

Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three (2024)

And there it is, the third and final edition to celebrate the reopening of the distillery. The Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three is the oldest in the series, and quite possibly the most significant, simply because of its timing.

As you may know, I was involved with the first two editions of Rosebank’s legacy series. I filmed two launch videos, one right in the middle of the pandemic, the other now almost two years ago. It was a privilege to play a small part in the lead up to this iconic distillery’s revival.

I did not participate at all in the launch of the new Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three. Instead, owners Ian Macleod opted to for a classier route. They enlisted the help of composer Des Oliver, who created a bespoke piece of orchestral music inspired by the whisky’s tasting notes. They were right to leave me out of that project. I can’t even read sheet music.

What I’m very much looking forward to is visiting the new distillery. I’ll admit to having been slightly envious of the people attending the official opening. It would have been amazing to have been a part of such a momentous occasion. Instead, hopefully I’ll make my way over soon. I’ll be in Scotland in August, but I’m not sure if I can fit it into my itinerary.

If not, at least I’ll have toasted to the reopening with the Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three. It’s always an honour to taste venerable malt such as these.

rosebank 32 years legacy release three

Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three (47.6%, OB, 2024)

Nose: There’s an immediate (floral) sweetness highlighted by jammy apricots and vanilla-y sponge cake. But there’s a gentle grassiness and chalkiness too, some limestone as well, and then elegant notes of citrus zest and yuzu. Finally something resembling melted butter, as well as juicy pears.
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel. Elegant too. There’s a gentle pinch of spices, such as white pepper and cinnamon, as well as a touch of candied ginger and Werther’s Original. Then fruits (of the stone and orchard variety) accompanied by soft oak tannins. Ending on darker, almost charred notes.
Finish: Medium length. Some vibrant tropical notes (pink grapefruit and tinned pineapple) as well as honey and mint.

Elegance personified. That's what the Rosebank 32 Years Legacy Release Three is. Far removed from sherry bombs or heavily peated whiskies or even those overtly fruity malts. And I mean that in the best way possible. Integrated, sophisticated and traditional.

Sample provided by Rosebank

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