powers 12 years old

Powers 12 Years Old (2019)

Even with the current revival of the Irish whiskey industry, single pot still whiskey is still a rarity. Jameson is by far the most recognizable brand followed by – at quite a distance – Bushmills. Neither is a single pot still whiskey, although there is some included in the Jameson blend, but the average consumer would never know.

Slowly but surely the single pot still style is making a comeback though. It’s not a very big category yet. Midleton brands such as Redbreast and Powers (which I’ll review today) have kept the torch burning during the deep, dark days that the Irish whiskey industry went through.

Many new distilleries have popped up in the past few years, and some of them are producing a single pot still whiskey. In the case of Teeling and Dingle, they’ve already released their first single pot still whiskies. It’s a great development, as the style offers something different and unique, something recognizably different from single malt.

Powers 12 Years Old (46%, OB, 2019)

Nose: Hints of wood shavings and glue, but quickly some soft fruits appear, like apricots and pineapple, and even some banana. Just a touch of citrus too. Also notes of creamy vanilla custard and cookie dough.
Taste: Creamy and oily with subtle spices. Brioche buns, orange zest, cough syrup and licorice. A bit of rum raisins as well. Very typical Irish pot still and very lovely.
Finish: Lingering spices, menthol, and soft fruits.

Score: 86

Excellent and moreish Irish single pot still whisky from Powers. Classic example of the style, and really interesting for anyone, whether your new to whisky or consider yourself a connoisseur.

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