Port charlotte 2003 12 years old whiskybroker

Port Charlotte 2003 12 Years Old (Whiskybroker)

Does Bruichladdich produce some of the best peated whisky on Islay? Or in Scotland, for that matter? This Port Charlotte 2003 12 Years Old from Whiskybroker again proves how consistently good this spirit is.

Port Charlotte 2003 12 Years Old (56,2%, Whiskybroker, C#671)

Nose: Briny with sweet peat, followed by candied lemon, lime rasp and bitter oranges. Ripe banana, and a big hit of straw as well. There’s a touch of glue somewhere too, and ozone.
Taste: Surprisingly dry, and earthy as well. The peat is a bit more pronounced here, slightly rubber-y, yet still has a sweet edge to it. A big hit of vanilla and spiciness (cloves, nutmeg). Somewhat ashy.
Finish: Ashy, smoke and slightly salty. Long.

Rating: 88

Big and bold and a real treat for anyone even slightly fond of peated whiskies and Port Charlotte in particular. It seems as though you can’t go wrong with Port Charlotte these days.

Photo: Whiskybase

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