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Port Charlotte 14 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ (Spiritfilled)

A single malt from a well-respected brand bottled by a young, yet promising independent bottler. I guess that’s about how I could describe the Port Charlotte 14 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’, a whisky released earlier this year by Spiritfilled. It matured in a single ex-bourbon barrel, so that bodes well.

The Mythical Beasts series has featured a few times on these pages. A 30-year-old Bruichladdich has probably been the highlight so far, although this 15-year-old Glenrothes was conceivably more memorable. The reason being its relative affordability; at the time it had been a while since I’d tried a sherry-matured malt that wasn’t either totally overpriced or drowned in cask influence.

Sold for 140-ish quid, the pricing of this Port Charlotte isn’t out of the current norm. It’s still available in a few UK shops, but I can’t seem to find it on the European mainland (anymore). A few bottles were imported to the Netherlands by SPIRITS.services, so I’m sure they’ll pop up.

port charlotte 14 years mythical beasts

Port Charlotte 14 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ (57.8%, Spiritfilled, C#3741)

Nose: Coastal with a tinge of sauerkraut, yet with subtle orchard fruits, some tinned pineapple and a gentle grassy touches. Then waves of lime zest, wet pebbles and lemon pith, along with hay bales and relatively delicate, earthy peat. Truly classy stuff.
Taste: Big thumbs up for the oily mouthfeel. Notes of honey, tar, liquorice and orris root. There’s also room for charred orange peels, cracked black pepper and cured meats.
Finish: Long with a decent pinch of pepper, some honey and pickled citrus.

Mature, complex and intriguing on the nose; vibrant, potent and adolescent on the palate. This Port Charlotte combines more adult elements with influences you'd expect from young peaters. It's all the better for it.

Sample provided by SPIRITS.services

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