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Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky (1990s)

While I have a stockpile in case of emergency, I generally have enough samples of recent releases to tide me over. However, sometimes I just want to shake things up. For example, I’ve been spoilt with rare, expensive whiskies as of late, so I thought it time for a review of an honest, modest blend from yesteryear – a 1990s bottling of Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky.

This sample was shared with me by Tim, a fellow Dutch blogger who shares his thoughts here. Pinwinnie was a fairly common blend but it has been discontinued before the turn of the millennium. The name on the front of the label, Blairmhor Distillers Limited, quickly leads to Inver House Distillers, current owners of distilleries such as Balblair, Old Pulteney and Knockdhu.

These distilleries were acquired by Inver House in the late 1980s and during the 1990s, so some of those malts might well be included in the Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky. Or could a few drops of Glen Flagler have found their way into this blend? This malt distillery was part Inver House’s Moffat whisky complex, but it closed in 1985. Garnheath is another option. Also part of the same whisky complex, this grain distillery shut down just a year later.

Mind you, all the above is just pure speculation, and an attempt to understand a little bit more about Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky. In the end, the only proof is in the pudding…

pinwinnie royale scotch whisky

Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky (40%, OB, 1990s)

Nose: Very light and gentle – weak even. Hints of porridge, wet sawdust, a touch of plastic, some copper coins, and just a slight note of pickled lemons.
Taste: Just a whisper of toffee, some gentle oak spices, scorched plastic, and medicinal oat cookies. (I’m sure that’s not a thing.) Very watery, with almost no body to speak off.
Finish: Short to medium. Plastic-y whispers, a touch of honey.

What can I say? A very forgettable blend that I'm not quite sure has survived all that well in the bottle. I wouldn't be surprised if this was better had it been opened a quarter century ago. Thanks for sharing, Tim.


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