orkney single malt 2004 13 years old whisky-fassle

Orkney Single Malt 2004 13 Years Old (Whisky-Fässle)

Last year a whole lot of Highland Park hit the market. Sold by Edrington to whiskybrokers, who in turn sold it to independent bottlers. Someone even told me he was offered 60.000 liters of Highland Park. To which he replied thanks, but no thanks, since it was more than double the production capacity of one of their own distilleries.

Of course I couldn’t tell you with absolute certainty whether or not this Orkney Single Malt 2004 13 Years Old is really from Highland Park, but you know… It has to be, right? Especially since the only other option is Scapa. And what I’m about to taste, is certainly not Scapa.

Orkney Single Malt 2004 13 Years Old (50,5%, Whisky-Fässle)

Nose: Very soft and gentle to start, with some smouldering embers. There’s some peach here, as well as vibrant, zesty lemon peel. It has a more coastal side (seaweed) too. Yes, there is a whisper of gun powder, but instead of subtracting from the experience, it actually adds a layer.
Taste: An oily texture, with gentle peat, charcoal and soft minerals. The lemons make an encore here, but at least it has some friends in oranges and green apples. Again, some light sulphur, but nothing to worry too much about.
Finish: Long, with a light smokiness and soft citrus fruits.

Rating: 88

Proper Highland Park. I mean… Orkney Single Malt. Good stuff, with a nice balance between the sherry cask and the spirit itself.

Photo: Whiskybase

Sample provided by Whisky-Fässle

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