The One & Only: Littlemill 8yo

Official Littlemill-bottlings are scarce. The brand is now owned by Loch Lomond, and in recent years they decided to release a couple of 21yo and 28yo Littlemills, in those strange pot still shaped bottles. But before there only really ever were a 12yo and the 8yo release. Neither of those were really successful. But for someone who’s really become a fan of single cask Littlemills, like myself, it is interesting to try an old OB, whether or not it is any good. So here we go. These are my notes of the one and only Littlemill 8yo!

Littlemill 8yo

Littlemill 8yo (40%, OB, +/- 2000)

Nose: Ah yes, unmistakably a Littlemill, but definitely not a fruity one. Some saw dust, dried grass, hay. Also floral. And some coconut shavings, cumin and pine sap. An overall dusty/musty quality puts somewhat of a damper on a good nose.
Taste: Black pepper, herbs, wildflowers and wood. Some off-notes that are very hard to place as well as a little bit of fruit, but not much.
Finish: Pineapple and an unpleasant sourness. Short as well.

Rating: 78

The nose is the best part of this Littlemill. It doesn’t taste young, but it also isn’t quite a finished malt. Not much wrong with it, but also no single aspect that makes you jump out of your seat.

Thanks to Edwin for providing the sample.


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