Old Pulteney 23 Years Old Sherry Casks (2007)

I reviewed the ex-bourbon edition a little while ago, and planned to write about its sibling sooner. But, alas. Sorry for making you wait on the Old Pulteney 23 Years Old Sherry Casks.

This is a release from 10 years ago already. At the time, sherry casks were rather unusual for the distillery. And I guess they still are. However, with their newly released 25 Year Old, Pulteney seem to move toward sherry casks somewhat. That release has actually received a finish of three years in sherry casks.

The Old Pulteney 23 Years Old Sherry Casks is fully sherry matured, although it is far from a sherry bomb. Thank god. That would be a disservice to the wonderful Pulteney spirit.

Old Pulteney 23 Years Old Sherry Casks (43%, OB, 2007)

Nose: Plenty of vanilla and some subtle apple cider, as well as peach and coconut shavings. Some red berries and burlap too, as well as marzipan and oranges. It has something floral as well.
Taste: The sherry influence is clear, but there’s still much room for Pulteney to shine. Gentle cherries, as well as leather and milk chocolate. Quite salty, with a touch of white pepper and some pomelo.
Finish: A slight bitterness, followed by fruit and smoked salmon. Medium in length.

Rating: 87

Complexity, balance, this has it all. It does lack a little richness and oomph. I bet this would be a personal favourite had it been bottled at a higher strength.

Photo: Master of Malt

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