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Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask (TWE Exclusive)

The release of the Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask for The Whisky Exchange came at the worst possible time for me. Just hours before, I had splurged on two oldies, a GlenAllachie 1978 and an Inchgower 1980. Otherwise I would’ve ordered this in a heartbeat.

Why? First of all, because I love Pulteney. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Pulteney was my first whisky love. This ensures I’ll always have a soft spot for Pulteney. Secondly, fully sherry matured Pulteney is rare. But like I already mentioned, I had just significantly reduced the balance on my bank acccount, so I passed on this exclusive Pulteney for The Whisky Exchange.

Luckily, it sometimes pays to blog about whisky. Never the bills though, but every once in a while I happen to receive a sample for reviewing purposes. After it sold out on the website of The Whisky Exchange, I received a sample in the mail. While I might’ve otherwise owned a full bottle, now at least that sample gave me the chance to have a wee taste.

Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask (62,1%, OB for TWE, C#128)

Nose: Deep and intense sherry notes, with molasses, toffee and chocolate fudge brownies. There’s a whisper of cappuccino. Dry. However, in the background there’s a hint of grapefruit and lemon, giving it some much-needed freshness. Add water for a more savoury experience, highlighted by soy.
Taste: The texture is very creamy, but the arrival is quite aggressive (chili peppers), which, to be honest, isn’t a surprise considering its alcohol percentage. More chocolate-y flavours here, with a tiny hint of Pulteney’s signature saltiness. It benefits from a few drops of water, but does become a tad dryer.
Finish: Figs, chocolate. Dry. Long.

Rating: 86

A sherry bomb, both because of the intense influence of the sherry cask as well as the high alcohol percentage. However, the Pulteney flavour profile is very much subdued. To me, someone who loves the Pulteney distillate, that’s a shame. If you don’t care about all that, then this might just be a very nice sherry matured whisky for you.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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