old pulteney 1998 19 years old gordon macphail

Old Pulteney 1998 19 Years Old (Gordon & MacPhail)

When Gordon & MacPhail overhauled their entire range midway through 2018, this Old Pulteney 1998 19 Years Old was one of their first releases. A a fan of both Old Pulteney and Gordon & MacPhail, I was tempted to buy a bottle for my own personal collection, but never really got around to it. You can’t buy ’em all, can you? Or at least I can’t.

When I looked to replete my sample stash recently, this was one of the samples I acquired, giving me a chance to at least taste it. Matured in first-fill bourbon barrels, this batch consists of just over 500 bottles.

Old Pulteney 1998 19 Years Old (46%, Gordon & MacPhail, Batch 18/001)

Nose: Nice fruity and slightly chalky aromas, with whispers of resin and pine needles. Think apples, pears and green grapes. A whisper of vanilla custard also, while lemon zest appears after a little while as well.
Taste: Proper creamy mouthfeel, classic Pulteney. Slightly salty, with plenty of lemon and some porridge, with just a tiny bit of white pepper, and a sweet nuttiness.
Finish: Lingering for a good amount of time, building on all of the aforementioned.

Score: 89

If anyone knows where to find a bottle of this, let me know. This is right up my alley, and if you’re fond of Pulteney, you can’t go wrong with this.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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