old pulteney 1997 2015 premium spirits

Old Pulteney 1997/2015 (for Premium Spirits)

I’m not going to bore you again with how much I’m enamored by Old Pulteney. If you’re a regular reader, then you should know that. If you’re not, just check out this post. And now, onto the task at hand!

There have been quite a few single cask Old Pulteney from 1997, either bottled for specific importers and shops, or offered as a hand-fill at the distillery. I’ve been lucky to taste a few of them. All have been good, while some were excellent even.

When I visited the distillery earlier this year, I was lucky enough to pick up two more single cask bottlings from 1997, so I’m set for the foreseeable future. One that I missed out on though, is the single cask that was bottled in 2015 for Premium Spirits, the Belgian importer. I did manage to get my hand on a sample though…

Old Pulteney 1997/2015 (54,2%, OB for Premium Spirits, C#1076)

Nose: Sweet at first, with notes of vanilla, cookie dough, and ripe banana. However, it becomes a lot more acidic after a few minutes. Think lemon custard, with a touch of wet pebbles, as well as lime zest. Finally, a touch of burlap.
Taste: A creamy mouthfeel, with an intensely nutty arrival, followed by chalk, chili pepper, lots of lemon peel, and a pinch of salt.
Finish: More of the above. Medium in length.

Rating: 86

Almost never über-complex or super-polished, like it’s brethren, this single cask Old Pulteney delivers. Not the best I’ve had from 1997, but still really good.

Photo: Whiskyauctioneer.com

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