miltonduff 1981 32 years old adelphi

Miltonduff 1981 32 Years Old (Adelphi)

Miltonduff is very much a distillery that operates under the radar, but I know of quite a few connoisseurs that are big fans of the whisky that comes from this Speyside distillery.

So when I was offered a sample of three decades old Miltonduff by a friend, I gladly accepted. Although, you won’t often see me decline a 30 year old whisky anyway, regardless at which distillery it was produced.

Bottled by Adelphi, an independent bottler that I hold in very high regard, this Miltonduff 1981 32 years old looks extremely appetizing.

Miltonduff 1981 32 Years Old (54,2%, Adeplhi, C#5067)

Nose: A hint of polished leather and malt, as well as a good amount of wax and a certain dustiness. There’s plenty of room for ripe fruits too, such as mango and banana, while there’s even a bit of orange peel and lemon yoghurt.
Taste: A lovely creamy texture, with a few sweet arrival. Cherry syrup. Then some interesting spices, as well as sweet tobacco, cappuccino and milk chocolate. There’s some raisins here as well, and coconut shavings too.
Finish: More of the above, really good.

Rating: 91

Great, mature old whisky from an often overlooked Speyside distillery, this Miltonduff by Adelphi is top notch. Thanks Harmen!

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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