millstone 1996 20 years old american oak

Millstone 1996 20 Years Old American Oak

Millstone is far from the only Dutch whisky brand, but it is by far the one with the best reputation. I have a feeling the Millstone 1996 20 Years Old American Oak will only help to build that reputation even more.

It is a brand produced at Zuidam Distillery, where they have been distilling since the mid 1970s, although they’ve only started making whisky in 1996. The driving force behind the distillery is master distiller Patrick van Zuidam. Some more info on Zuidam Distillery can be found here.

After releasing an Oloroso matured whisky from the same vintage in 2016, this American oak expression hopefully proves to be an interesting sibling. Released last year, it has gotten some rave reviews already.

Millstone 1996 20 Years Old American Oak (52,3%, OB, Special #12)

Nose: Starting off on forest-y notes, like pine needles and damp moss, before quickly transforming into a fruit bomb. There’s some coconut shavings here, but mainly tropical notes of tinned pineapple, orange zest and lime juice. Finally some shoe polish also, as well as menthol. The while the forest notes also make an encore. Rich and vibrant.
Taste: Oy vey, even more fruit. Patrick is on to something here! Very tropical, and basically a repeat of the nose, but now also some pink grapefruit added to the mix. The palate is thick and oily, mouth-coating. Finally some spices as well, like nutmeg and cumin, and some menthol there as well, but the tropical fruit never relinquishes its starring role.
Finish: Aniseed, and then more fruit. Long.

Rating: 91

Surprisingly good! I mean, excellent even! I already knew Zuidam makes quality products, but this is ‘hors catégorie’. Thanks André, for sharing this.

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