m&h elements peated review

M&H Elements Peated (2022)

Generally, we’d only describe a whisky as peated if it was made using peated barley. That’s not the case for the M&H Elements Peated. That’s almost peculiar because there’s a certain expectation that comes with such a name.

The peat influence in M&H Elements Peated originates from maturation in ex-Islay casks. These are casks that were previously filled with heavily peated whisky. Some left-over phenols seeped into the staves. They were then extracted once the cask was filled with new make from Milk & Honey Distillery.

M&H certainly aren’t the first to do this. But something about calling this whisky outright peated doesn’t sit entirely well with me. They’re not doing anything wrong per se. It’s not much different from calling an ex-Oloroso matured whisky sherried. And yet…

I know what a sherried whisky is. You know what a sherried whisky is. And we all know what we expect a peated whisky to be. And the M&H Elements Peated isn’t that.

m&h elements peated

M&H Elements Peated (46%, OB, 2022)

Nose: Big on the vanilla notes (yellow cake), as well as whiffs of mushy banana, Pink Lady apples and quinces. Also some soft notes of lemon peel. The peat is very subtle. And I mean VERY. That’s a good thing for my palate, but maybe not what the average consumer expects from a whisky that’s very clearly labeled as ‘Peated’.
Taste: Somewhat ashy with notes of ginger, lemon rind and green walnuts. Maybe a tinge of honey and pepper as well. It’s rather underwhelming.
Finish: Medium. Some gentle spices (pepper) and a slight bitter tinge. Ashy and dry. Somewhat hoppy as well.

The M&H Elements Peated is not very peated at all. But regardless of that oversight, it's also far from the best I've tried from this Israeli distillery. I find their better expressions are bold, big and embracing of lots of wood influence. This isn't quite that.

Sample provided by M&H Distillery

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